Sunday, February 13, 2005

Jim Rogers - Investment Legend, World Traveler.

Jim Rogers on CNBC, FoxNews, and in his recent books:

1.) Is hot on China. They have made tremendous progress, the people are very hard working, they are embracing capitalism with gusto, but.. he says you must wait until they hit the inevitable air pocket and you see the headline "Crisis in China" of some sort, at which point he will probably be buying. He believes that the 21st Century will be China's, and he believes this so strongly that his infant daughter is learning Chinese and English.

2.) Is hot on commodities. He believes we are in the beginning of a cycle that favors commodities of all sorts: oil, sugar, soybeans, copper, etc. His commodities index fund is one of the best (I believe the best) performing indexes since it's inception in 1998. These moves can be 18 years or so in length, according to his studies of previous cycles.

3.) Is not hot on India. Based on their tremendous infrastructure problems (NY Times seems to agree - registration required), inclination toward bureaucracy, cultural and political bent, and internal infighting, he thinks China will be a much stronger play.


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