Monday, August 07, 2006

Charles Nenner - Wait till 07.

The man with the hot hand in market predictions right now is Charles Nenner of Cycle Forecaster. I don't know a lot about his system, I believe it's a combination of more complicated technical analysis and fractals, but he has been making predictions lately that turn out to be correct - and pretty much to the day.

Here's an interview with him from CNBC with a number of his predictions and charts, including a prediction that the stock market will have a solid year in 2007, but not such a great rest of 2006. Also of note, his analysis indicates that interest rates have peaked and will head down for the next couple of years.

CNBC Video: Cycle Forecaster Founder Charles Nenner.

For a little more background read "About Cycle Forecaster and Charles Nenner". [pdf]

Also available is this earlier interview:

Charles Nenner on CNBC on June 26, 2006.


Blogger lebleup said...

I've followed Mr. Nenner's "predictions" and charted them out to date. The most recent of a DOW bottom on August 8th,9th whereas soon after a "slight upturn" would occur, "but don't chase" and the man has been right on the money. It will be interesting to see if the drop in the DOW occurs starting from September 4th or 5th bottoming in late December. Mr. Nenner says that starting very late December '06 , early '07 and uptrend will ensue with all of 2007 being a bullish run. Let's see how this unfolds!
NOTE:Does anyone know how to get Mr. Nenner's News Letter?

4:54 AM  

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